Use the mobile app to create and set up stores. HausMart is a mobile-first platform for micro-retail for small to mid-sized businesses.

Download from      App Store or      Google Play.

How HausMart Works

Post a link to your store online or display the QR code and store ID at the location of your store for easy customer access.

Share your store and invite customers.

Using your PayPal account you can start accepting payments and get paid instantly. HausMart is a
peer-to-peer platform and you're in control of your funds.

Install app and connect your PayPal to accept payments.

The app will guide you through the process and you'll see that it's
never been easier to start selling something online or in-person.

Set up your store and add a few products.

Get display materials
for your HausMart

You can access a variety of display materials on Select the POP materials that best complement your store. 


Limit access to your store to a particular location and area.

Instant payments

HausMart does not hold onto your money. You get paid instantly.

Barcode scanner

Scan barcodes of products to add a nice image to your store.

Exclusive access

Share a link to your store with access tokens–you control who has access.


Set stock quantity to make sure you don't sell more than you have.


Enable shipping for individual products to reach a wider audience.

Features Included

Monthly fee


Transaction fee*

2.90% + $0.30

Service fee



The mobile app is free! It does not cost anything for retailers to connect their PayPal account and start accepting payments online.

Payments are immediately disbursed! Customers do not need an app, just a smartphone and a browser.

Get the app and start selling today!

*International transactions may include an additional PayPal fee for currency exchange.

Get in touch!

Feel free to contact us and find out how you can get started with your HausMart and make your guest's experience great.